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FlagThe Wotanberger

Cave Putorem!

Welcome to the recently updated homepage of the Wotanberger Commonwealth.

The Wotanberger Commonwealth is composed of three small, but fiercely independent nations:

The Grand Duchy of Wotanberg: a small, but very independent country in the famed Black Forest, surrounded by Germany. (Map)

Tarafu (also known as The Seiber Islands): a virtual necklace of jewels in the South Pacific, south of the fabled Marivellas. (Map)

The Mustela Islands: a group of islands off the eastern coast of Africa, near Kenya. (Map).

Though seperated from each other by thousands of miles, they share a heritage and a dream. An essential element of the Commonwealth is the cooperation of the three nation's in joint defense and peacekeeping operations. To this end, a permanent headquarters has been established in the Mustela Islands for the Wotanberger Commonwealth Command (WOCOCO). Here, members of the armed forces of three countries work and live together to not only preserve the freedom of their own people, but to share that freedom with other people throughout the world.

We invite you to explore each of the members websites as well as these other Hosted Websites:

The Seiber Islands Historical Journal

The Cutter Air Museum

The Amelia Earhart Research Organization


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