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FlagThe Wotanberger

Cave Putorem!


An essential aspect of the Wotanberger Commonwealth is the cooperation of the three nation's in joint defense, peacekeeping, and humanitarian operations. To this end, a permanent headquarters has been established in the Mustela Islands for the Wotanberger Commonwealth Command (WOCOCO).

Here, members of the armed forces of the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg, Tarafu, and the Mustela Islands work and live together to not only preserve the freedom of their own people, but to share that freedom with other people throughout the world.

In addition to units attached to WOCOCO by the Commonwealth members, WOCOCO has the following organic units:

Headquarters WOCOCO can, from its state-of-the-art facilities at Jake Cutter Air Force Base on Mogambo Island, provide leadership and support to deployed Commonwelath forces arround the world.

Wotanberger Air Expeditionary Force ("WAEF") was established in 1981 to transport and support Commonwealth ground forces or humanitarian relief efforts around the world. It currently has 4 squadrons of combat, transport, and other aircraft as well as an Expeditionary Air Base Squadron home-based at Jake Cutter Air Force Base on Mogambo Island.

Wotanberger Naval Expeditionary Force ("WNEF") was established in 2005 to transport and support Commonwealth marine and other ground forces or humanitarian relief efforts. Home-based at St Hubert in the Seiber Islands, WNEF's normal area of operations is within the South and Southwest Pacific area, however, it is capable of deployment to other areas of the world.

Currently assigned ships include its flagship, WCS Quinton McHale (a Taratupa Class high speed vessel)*, WCS Sheldon Kornpett (a Taratupa Class high speed vessel especially equipped to carry out humanitarian relief operations)**, and various other combat and support vessels.


*As soon as the name of its flagship was announced, WNEF was nicknamed "McHale's Navy". It should not to be confused with 8 Dragoon Plt, Grand Ducal Dragoons which has had the same nickname since 1962.

** The ship was named in honor of Vincent J. Ricardo's friend, partner, and in-law. A significant amount of the ship's $60M cost was underwritten by the Kornpett Foundation, Trans-Global Enterprises, and the Order of Saint Hubert, which also committed its members and resources to providing medical, dental, and veterinary personnel for both this ship and a second similar ship under construction which will be home-based at Mogambo will be named WCS Bowanga (Mustelan for "Healing Magic").