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A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the Seiber Islands Historical Journal !
After a short absence, the Journal is now back online with a new look.  This homepage--AKA the "Lobby"--will be your entryway to four "Galleries":

The first is the "Grand Ducal Gallery", which is sponsored by Trans-Global Enterprises, but whose content is determined by the Grand Ducal Family in its sole discretion. 
Each of the second and third Galleries is sponsored by an Academic Partner associated with Journal for many years, the Amelia Earhart Research Organization ("AERO") and the Cutter Air Museum ("CAM"). These two Academic Partners not only provide financial support for its Gallery, but also its content.

The fourth Gallery is currently "under construction" by a new Academic Partner, the
Wotanberger Kriegsspiel Verein (“WKV”), with financial support from a new Corporate Sponsor, Barataria Industries. For those of you outside of the Wotanberger Commonwealth, the WKV (whose name is roughly translated as “Wotanberger War Game Association”) is composed of three Chapters, one in each of the Commonwealth nations.  (The oldest of these chapters, in Grand Duchy itself, was founded shortly after the publication in 1913 of H.G. Wells’ Little Wars.) As would be expected, the focus of this Gallery will be on military history. While work continues on the Gallery, the WKV has posted this update on the long-awaited “Captain Gallant’s House Rules for Mediterranean Theater (along with an excerpt from the current draft of the Grand Duke’s Foreward to those rules).

In addition to being the entryway to the new Galleries, this Lobby has links to features such as "Letters to the Editor", the Journal's "Archives", "Frequently Asked Questions", and additional information about the Journal.

If you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions about the Journal, or wish to submit a "Letter to the Editor" or an article for consideration for publication here, please free to e-mail me at

Tali Urulu III

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