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Cutter Air Museum

(Musée d'Air de Cutter)


Trevorstein, the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg,

St Hubert, the Seiber Islands


Boragora, the Marivellas


En Francais


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Cutter Air Museum Foundation, I would like to welcome you to the Museum's new Internet presence. I would also like to thank the Seiber Islands Historical Journal for generously offering to host these pages.

The Cutter Air Museum is perhaps unique in that it has facilities in three different countries. Although the Wotanberg, the Seiber Islands, and the Marivellas are separated by thousands of miles, they are linked by the life and memory of one man: Jake Cutter.

As Curator of the Museum, I hope all of you can someday visit the Museum in person. Until then, I hope that you will find this virtual visit interesting, entertaining, and rewarding.

Dr Husila Specht, Curator




Special Offerings:


Jake Cutter's Jacket


Corky McCorkle

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The Amelia Earhart Research Organization ("AERO")

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Other Exhibits:


USAF Consular Support Bldg (St Hubert)


The Hangar (St Hubert)


Seaplanes (Boragora)


The Hangar (Trevorstein)


Open Air Museum (St Hubert)


Open Air Museum (Trevorstein)