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The Mustela Islands

"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi"*


The Mustela Islands is a group of islands off the eastern coast of Africa, near Kenya. (See Map). For years, it was virtually unknown since its presence on maps was (and is still) usually hidden by either by the name "Mombasa" or latitude and/or longitude lines.

Once a colony of the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg, the Mustela Islands is now an independent constitutional monarchy. The Grand Duchy of Wotanberg and the Mustela Islands still maintain close political, military, and economic relations, and, along with the Seiber Islands, joined together to form the Wotanberger Commonwealth.


For years, the Mustela Islands (and especially the island of Santa Catarina, also known as Kitara) have been a favourite place for the discerning tourist, as demonstrated by this travel poster from the mid 1930's.

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*"There is always something new out of Africa" Historia Naturalis 2, 8.