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Cutter Air Museum

St Hubert, the Seiber Islands



The St Hubert Hangar

[Updated 21 October 2000]


The Museum staff are pleased to announce that cataloguing is almost complete on the virtual cornocopia of materials discovered six months ago in an old conex container located behind Corky's Office.

Although it was originally thought that the materials would be limited to "Corky Memorabilia", a number of boxes --apparently given to Corky at some point for safekeeping-- belonged to such other notables as Jake Cutter and Quinton McHale. Despite their years of storage, most of the materials are in remarkably good condition and will undoubtedly be of inestimable value to historians.

Due to space limitations at Corky's Office, a new exhibit showcasing these materials is being prepared at the St Hubert Hangar. Please check this site for news of its opening. In the meantime, some of the materials may be viewed here.