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 A Message from the Webmaster

On behalf of the officers and members of the Wotanberger Kriegspiel Verein, I welcome you to our new website!
For those of you outside of the Wotanberger Commonwealth, the
WKV (whose name is roughly translated as “Wotanberger War Game Association”) is composed of three Chapters, one in each of the Commonwealth nations.  The oldest of these chapters, in Grand Duchy itself, was founded shortly after the publication in 1913 of H.G. Wells’ Little Wars.

If you were directed here from the home page of the Seiber Islands Historical Journal, you already know that the WKV will be hosting one of that esteemed publication’s four new "Galleries" with the financial support of our new Corporate Sponsor, Barataria Industries. Our new sponsor has also graciously agreed to sponsor and make possible this new website. 

While work continues on both our new Gallery and website, so does work on the long-awaited “Captain Gallant’s House Rules for MEMOIR '44:  Mediterranean Theater”. I am pleased to announce that these rules now have a “proper” name from his Grand Ducal Highness himself:

I especially appreciated that the first scenario in his Rules covers a battle participated in by both Captain Gallant and my father in 1942. As I read the scenario’s notes, I recalled conversations which he and my father had about that battle and, of course, other experiences during the North African Campaign.  As I looked up for a moment at the poster, I recalled that in one of those conversations, both of them agreed that few things in life could ever equal gazing at a universe of stars in a moonless sky over the Sahara.  At that moment, I knew that those House Rules needed a name and that name had to be SAHARA !

I am even more pleased to announce that to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the American release of the 1943 motion picture Sahara, a special copy of the "Commander’s Edition [Ver.1.0]" of SAHARA is scheduled to be presented to his Grand Ducal Highness by Captain Gallant himself on November 11, 2018, at the Sergeant Joe Gunn Military Museum.  After that ceremony, Captain Gallant will also be the Guest of Honor at the unveiling of a completely restored "Lulu Belle" at the Museum. 

If you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions about the WKV or wish to submit an article for consideration for publication here, please e-mail me at: wotanbergerkriegsspielers@gmail.com.


 Husila Specht

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Background image courtesy of freeseamlesstextures.com under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

The added image is from H. G. Wells' Little Wars published in 1913.