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The Armed Forces
of the Seiber Islands
Wotanberg's Islands in the Sun


The armed forces of the Seiber Islands are charged with the sacred task of protecting the islands and their people from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Formally, many of its units trace their lineage to the colonial forces organized by the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg when the Seiber Islands was its colony. However, the tradition of Tarafuan soldiers defending the nation begins with the first national army organized by Sau Kokonaki.

Like those of Wotanberg's armed forces, most members of the Seiber Islands military are reservists who serve a short period of active duty each year and can be recalled to active duty within 24 hours. The armed forces of the Seiber Islands are, like those of Canada, a unitary force (in others words there is no separate army, navy, and air force). The armed forces are now organized into the following four major commands:

Momoa ("Advance Guard") consisting of the nation's most elite forces including:

Kokonaki's Guards: an elite infantry company composed largely of descendents of soldiers who served as Momoa ("advance guard") in Sau Kokonaki's army. Though normally assigned to protect important government officials and other V.I.P.'s, this unit is capable of carrying out airborne, air-mobile, amphibious, or other specialized combat operations.

Cutter's (Aero-) Dragoons**: now an air-mobile infantry company equipped with Bell 412 Griffin helicopters. It was originally created and trained by Jake Cutter in 1940 to be deployed in WOAC seaplanes.

The Training Detachment: originally formed to protect the Koenig-Solomon Mine, it is now a company-sized special operations unit.

Aipeluga ("War-Club") consisting of the bulk of the nation's forces including :

The Seiber Rifles, a light infantry battalion. 3 Platoon of the Foreign Company of Foot, Sir Trevor's Own Foot [aka Lagoon Platoon] is attached to the Seiber Rifles in exchange for a platoon from the Seiber Rifes as part of long-standing cooperative security arrangements with the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg.

The Seiber Dragoons*: now a motorised infantry company with three infantry platoons and a combat support platoon equipped with 5 Wiesels. The unit was created by Grand Duke Wolfgang in 1882. Although originally composed largely of Wotanberger and other European settlers, the unit is now fully "integrated" and reflects the diversity of the nation's population.

The Seiber Artillery: in the process of being upgraded to battalion status with the addition of three batteries to the original one currently equipped with 6 120 mm mortars. The additional batteries will include one equipped with 8 Bushmasters, one equipped with the revolutionary new Banshee SSM System, and one equipped with the revolutionary new Basset II SAM System. Attached is the newly reorganized 1st (Unified Seiber Artillery Foreign Advisor) Detachment [aka 1st USAFAD] which provides technical and tactical assistance to the Seiber Artillery and other units.

The Seiber Squadron, with

A Flight with 1 PBY, 1 C-47, 1 Albatross, 1 Grumman Goose, & 2 Sea King Mk41 Helicopters.

B Flight with 6 multi-mission Seawolf amphibians.

C Flight with 12 UH1D helicopters.

The Seiber Flotilla: with the following:

S.S.** Jake Cutter, a cutter (of course) which serves as flagship of the flotilla.

S.S. Basset, a missile boat recently refitted with the revolutionary new Basset II SAM System.

S.S. Eureka, a minesweeper.

S.S. Nemo, a submarine.

4 PT Boats, S.S. Sava, S.S. Laha, S.S. Kama, and S.S. Fafa (i.e., "the Four Horsemen").

Princess Koji's Guards: now a naval infantry company. It was originally formed in early 1942 out of the remnants of Princess Koji's army which had fled to the Seiber Islands after the Japanese Army expelled the Princess from the Marivellas because of her relationship with Jake Cutter. Although descendant's of Princess Koji's army are currently members of the unit, it is now fully "integrated" and reflects the diversity of the nation's population. (During World War II, the unit assisted 8 Dragoon Platoon, Grand Ducal Dragoons in providing security for the American P.T. boat base on Taratupa and occasionally carried out special operations with PT 13 under the command of LtCdr Quinton McHale and with Cutter's (Aero-) Dragoons.)

Parega ("Shield"): consisting of:

One air defense battery equipped with GATOR retrofitted Basset SAM.

Six air defense batteries equipped with GATOR retrofitted GDF-005 twin 35 mm guns);

Seiber Cyberspace-Defense Battery which protects the nation from attacks launched in cyberspace; and

A number of platoon- and company-sized militia infantry units, including Corky's Company which provides security for Jake Cutter International Airport.

Kakapo ("Support"): consisting of various units and ships providing administrative, logistic, and combat service support to the other commands. As part of the military's expansion, a so-called "Helava" (i.e., "foreign") Group was formed as the "home" for the many foreigners which had to be employed and enlisted to either provide short-term augmentation of or long-term support for regular Seiber units. Helava Group consists of a Helava Headquarters Company as well as a number of independent detachments such the 1st Unified Seiber Artillery Foreign Advisor Detachment [aka 1st USAFAD].

In addition, paramilitary units from the Order of St Hubert also work closely with the Seiber Islands military.

More detailed information regarding the armed forces is available here.


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