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University of Tarafu Document 98-130-0107

See notes below document.


1. This document is one of those donated to the university by Cdr (Ret.) Quinton McHale.

2. The caption on the back of the photograph states: "Cpt Wallace B. Binghamton [commanding officer of AmConSportFor3] supervises the construction of new seaplane ramps in [Taratupa, the Seiber Islands] somewhere in the South Pacific." The words in brackets were crudely blacked out (presumably by a censor) and the underlined words added in pen and ink.

3. McHale states that this is a actually a photograph of Cpt Wallace B. Binghamton in the Taratupa Lagoon in early 1942 trying to recover his skiff which sank after Binhamton accidently shot a hole in its hull with his .45 pistol.