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University of Tarafu Document 00-125-0967

See notes below document.


1. This document was obtained from the Ministry of Commerce of the Seiber Islands, successor to the Seiber Islands Department of Commerce of the colonial adminstration.

2. "Louis Saint Louis-les-Bitche" is apparently the true name of the man more commonly known as "Bon Chance Louie". According to French Foreign Legion records, a "Bon Chance Louis", born in the Saint Louis-les-Bitche in Lorraine joined the Legion in 1914. Bon Chance Louis' service record indicates that he served both in North Africa and Europe from 1914-1920. This information agrees with that available for Bon Chance Louie from other sources.

3. A. E. Putnam was apparently a temporary employee of the Department from September to December 1938.